Aqua PL lenses

AQUA PL PL polarised lenses obtained from flat “ TAC “ triacetate sheets, specific thermoplastic material for the production of polarised lenses with superficial scratch-proof treatment.
The features of polarised AQUA PL  lenses make glasses extremely lightweight.
AQUA PL lenses eliminate the irritating light reflexes on flat water surfaces, improve the quality of vision and reduce visual fatigue.
Total UV protection.

in poor light conditions, they improve visual perception, recommended for sunset fishing and streams with shaded areas.

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they dampen the excessive brightness of sunlight, recommended for fishing and leisure on sunny days, when there are large reflective surfaces such as rivers and lakes.

in poor visibility conditions, they improve the perception of contrasts, reduce reaction time and visual fatigue. Recommended when the sky is overcast and especially for coarse fishing.

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They dampen excessively bright sunlight on very clear days. Recommended for exceedingly bright days, for long exposure to sunlight such as when saltwater fishing.