Fokus Bi-focal PCR

PCR Lenses

Yellow Yellow


D +1,50 D +2,00
D +2,50


Fokus glasses with C39 yellow polarising bifocal lenses

The innovative CR39 polarising Bi-focal lenses feature a high optical quality and an exceptional transparency:
In addition to the characteristics of polarized lenses, these lenses are at the bottom of a steady rest for the magnification of objects indispensable for all people who have problems with near vision.
Available in three strengths +1.50 +2.00 +2.50

TR-90 frame, brushed black


1- premere gancio all’interno dell’asta e aprire il telaio
2- sostituire la lente
3- premere nuovamente il gancio e richiudere il telaio


  • Frame material: Nylon
  • Lens gauge: 68mm / 42mm
  • Nose bridge: 18mm
  • Temple length: 125mm
  • Curve base: 8
  • Nose pad: non-slip rubber
  • Shape: rectangular regular